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 88 reviews
by Heather Williams on Aegis Armory
Great product!

I bought the purple kydex trigger guard for my concealed carry Glock 42 about 4 months ago. Glocks do not have an external safety and this trigger guard gives me an extra sense of safety when I conceal carry. I just bought a hot pink kydex trigger guard for my new Glck 43. Love this product!!

by Donald Beam on Aegis Armory
Shield Hybred

Just ordered my 2nd Shield...This time for my new Para Expert Commander. My M&P45c has been on my side for close to 2 years now. Not one hiccup form this holster. I can't believe how comfortable these IWB holsters can be. At my recommendation, my nephew ordered one for his Glock. Now I'm counting the days till my NEW Hybred arrives...Keep up the GREAT work on these holsters. Wish I didn't waste money on the 3 Crossbeed holsters I bought before I found Aegis.

by Matthew Manspeaker on Aegis Armory
My favorite holster in my collection

I have had my shield holster for my Glock 19 for around 7 months now and have worn it extensively, and out of all the holsters I've tried (there have been quite a few), this is the one I keep coming back to. It allows me to easily conceal my Glock 19 and to carry comfortably all day, as well as to be able to easily get a good clean draw every time I practice it! The leather still smells and looks new (other than a few little marks where I've drawn and reholstered the gun so many times, which is to be expected).I have two very minor criticisms, but they honestly apply to any holster of this style. First is the retention feels a tad loose when gun is just in the holster but not in your waistband with pressure applied to it. I don't really see this as a big deal though because when worn properly, I have never experienced any retention issues. Second is that the clip screws can come loose on their own over time and need to be tightened. Again, this is an issue with any type of holster that uses clips like this, and all you have to do it apply some threadlocker to the screws to get them to stay put.All in all, I'd say this is one of the highest quality hybrid holsters on the market (especially for the money) and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I really appreciate the fit and finish and attention to detail put into its construction, and the many color options for the kydex are cool. Mine is police blue with a carbon fiber pattern and it looks great! This is still my EDC holster and will probably remain so for awhile.

by Dylan Norville on Aegis Armory
Shield holster G25

I had a little difficulty placing my order from the website because i live in the caribbean and was using a courier service to forward me the shipment. I contacted Stephen via facebook and he quickly responded and gave me an alternative method to place my order. This guy doesn't sleep. He literally was communicating with me well passed midnight and by the time i knew it, my order was shipped ASAP. Customer service is phenomenal. Prompt courteous service and lots of feedback and updates as to the progress of my order. Shipping speed was off the chat. I placedy order on April 2 2016 and got it in hand in my country St. Lucia in the Caribbean after my courier had to forward it to me from Miami on April 13 2016. An impressive 11 day. This holster is indeed comfortable from day one. I wore mine around the house for about 5 hours and it already began molding to my body. I wear it OWB when i go out and IWB when at work. I recommend this product to anyone who wants quality, comfort and excellent craftsmanship from a holster without breaking the bank. I was even sent an extra metal clip for free because of a minor rust mark which i later realised could be wiped off since the metal clips are powder coated. Thanks for a great product stephen.

by Robert Zaehringer on Aegis Armory
Love the Guardian!

The Guardian makes a great, versatile holster for a variety of carry applications. Right now I'm using it for backpack/tote carry and it works really well. It's nicely crafted and the fit over the trigger guard is perfect. Couldn't be happier.

by Dan Nelson on Aegis Armory
Shield Holster -G19

Just got my shield holster for my G19, I am so happy that I finally found a comfortable IWB for my Glock. Comfort, security, and the ability to reholster for a big guy was only a dream until I seen HOSSUSMC's YouTube review on the shield holster. Thanks to Aegis Armory for making a great product. You will not be sorry with this holster.

by Robert English on Aegis Armory
Will be buying more!

Got the Guardian for my Glock 36 and love it! Carry in the 4 oclock position is very comfortable and saves some room in the waistband. Fit is perfect and you just can't beat the price.

by Daniel Vrana on Aegis Armory

I bought 2 shield holsters for my Kahr pm9 and my sig p229, and absolutely love the quality. It is so comfortable i dont even realize I'm wearing it most of the time. I did have my Kahr kydex shell crack after 2 years of every day use, but Stephen was very accommodating and installed a new shell at no cost. I rarely find customer service like that these days. I also found that the clip screws would loosen up every few days but a dab of medium strength loctite fixed that problem. I would highly recommend this holster to anyone who loves American made high quality products.

by RW Nicholson on Aegis Armory
No pants comfortable carry

I purchased the sheath for a ruger lcp with crimson trace. Fantastic quality. The holster molds to the firearm perfectly. I am 100% satisfied. The level of craftmenship put into this holster is more than all, but one of my 24 holsters.The unique ability to wear this at home without pants is awesome. It isn't cumbersome at all. Great for just throwing on for a trip to the mailbox or under a shirt or jacket for comfortable all day carry.

by Chris on Aegis Armory
Excellent holster backed by excellent customer service

A couple years ago after picking up my M&P Shield I went through several holsters and just wasn't really happy with any of them until I came across Aegis Armory's Shield holster. Once I found the Shield I thought to myself of all the money I could have saved if I had come across Aegis first. The quality and comfort couldn't be beat. I knew if I ever purchased another carry gun it would rest in a Aegis Armory holster and it does. I purchased a Glock 43 and after putting it through it's paces I knew it was time to order me another Shield holster. After placing my order I noticed that Stephen announced on Facebook they were getting some OD carbon fiber kydex, I emailed him and ask if he could send me a picture once he got it in, maybe a day or two later I received that email with a picture and he let me change my order. Upon receipt of my holster we ran into a little hiccup, no problem, I emailed Stephen back to let him know of the issue. He quickly responded and after a couple emails I mailed my holster back to him, in less than a week, think it was a few days, I got my holster back with the issue resolved, how's that for customer service. It's hard now a days to find a company that really cares about the customer and stands behind their product all at the same time like Stephen does. This is my second holster from Aegis and it won't be my last. Don't hesitate to buy from Aegis, their product is superior and so is their service. They have earned a lifetime customer.

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